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Pantry Sunday

St. James Place Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen, located at 3936 Troost, is near and dear to the parishioners of St. James Parish.  The soup kitchen opened in the 1970s, and meals were originally served out of the church basement.  Over the years, the need for these services have grown to be more than St. James Parish could handle alone.  Now the pantry and kitchen are operated by Bishop Sullivan Center and located just around the corner from the church in the building that once was the gym for St. James School.

The first Sunday of each month is Pantry Sunday at the parish.  Parishioners bring donations of non-perishable food items to support St. James Place Pantry.  The gifts are always generous, and pantry workers often comment on the “overwhelming generosity” of this small parish.

It has become tradition for the children of the parish to participate in Pantry Sunday by carrying the donated items in baskets to the altar during the offertory procession.  Children of all ages enjoy serving in this way, the older ones carrying large baskets loaded with cans and boxes and the younger children carrying a single can in a tiny basket.